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Recognition & Employment Prospect

Your certificate or diploma

Students who successfully complete the first two years of the course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Providing they complete one full year as a mentored teacher on placement within three years of graduating, students may then apply to Island Waldorf Teaching Training for a Diploma in Steiner Waldorf Education.

To participate in the third year programme in a registered Waldorf school in Hong Kong it will be essential that the student already has the necessary qualifications to teach in a Hong Kong school. The minimum academic qualification required of a Permitted Teacher teaching in a school providing primary, secondary or post-secondary education is an associate degree, a higher diploma or equivalent.  Please note that the higher level a teacher is required to teach at, the higher qualifications he/she has to possess. Each country has its own regulations for teachers. Please refer to the regulations in the country in question if you want to do the third year in another country.

Course recognition

IWTT is a new teacher training program and therefore not yet formally recognised. But we believe that the quality of teacher training the graduates will experience will be to such a high standard, that they will not have difficulties in finding employment in any Waldorf School in the world. We will also keep working on achieving recognition by established organizations in the Steiner Waldorf community.