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Frequently Asked Questions

It is not compulsory for applicants to have had previous experience in a Steiner School. However, it is essential that promising applicants are given or make the opportunity to experience Steiner Waldorf Education in action in a school before they are interviewed and accepted onto the course. It is recommended that they participate in a School Tour at one of the two Hong Kong Waldorf schools.

Candidates applying to train as Class Teachers (ages 6-14) need to have had a good general education and to have developed sound skills in Maths and English. Music, Drama and the visual arts play an important part in the work of the class teacher and therefore training/experience or skills in one or more of these areas is desirable. All the core subjects in addition to History, Geography and Science are taught by the Class Teacher and it is therefore important that candidates have a lively interest in the world and an enthusiasm and commitment for learning.

At this time we are unable to offer specialist subject teacher training. But a subject teacher would benefit enormously from participating in the first two years of the teacher training.

Graduates of the Island Waldorf Teacher Teaching are welcome to apply to be considered for any available posts at either school, however their applications will be considered alongside all other applications.

IWTT is a new teacher training and therefore not yet formally recognised. But we believe that the quality of teacher training the graduates will have experienced will be to such a high standard, that they will not have difficulties in finding employment in any Waldorf school.

Students who successfully complete the course receive a Certificate of Completion. Providing they complete one full year as a probationary teacher within three years of graduating, students can then apply to Island Waldorf Teaching Training for a diploma in Steiner Waldorf Education.

The course is very condensed and students are expected to have an attendance level of 80% to receive the certificate at the end of the course. It will be possible to make up any courses missed at a later date should it become necessary.

The course will be conducted in English. That encompasses all the reading materials and written course work. Translation will not be available at this time.

The fee for this year will be less than the other two years and depend on your involvement in the school. Bursaries may be available to help students to cover their costs for this year. Some schools may be able to help students cover their expenses in this year.

To participate in the third year programme in a registered Waldorf school in Hong Kong it will be essential that the student already has the necessary qualifications to teach in a Hong Kong school. The minimum academic qualification required of a Permitted Teacher teaching in a school providing primary, secondary or post-secondary education is an associate degree, a higher diploma or equivalent.  Please note that the higher level a teacher is required to teach at, the higher qualifications he/she has to possess. Each country has its own regulations for teachers. Please refer to the regulations in the country in question if you want to do the third year in another country.

At most Saturday courses some sort of home learning will be set. It could be to study a particular text and make a short presentation, it could be an artistic task, such as prepare a story to tell in say Class 1, it could be to prepare a suitable exercise for rhythmic time in Class 2 etc. In the second year it is expected that each student will present a self chosen research project at the end of the year with a minimum of 10,000 words. The course does not have a formal qualification therefore, there are no formal requirements for regular written work.