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Aims and Outcomes

A student completing the Island Waldorf Teacher Training will have:

  • A broad understanding of the Waldorf curriculum and its delivery
  • A detailed understanding of approaches to teaching numeracy and literacy
  • A detailed understanding of how the curriculum relates to child development
  • An understanding of the different models of leadership and management in a Waldorf school, and the principles behind them
  • Observational and practical experience through the third year immersion in a Steiner-Waldorf School
  • A deepening understanding of the role of self-reflection, meditation and self-development in the life of a teacher
  • A practical understanding and experience of a number of key classroom skills
  • Practical experience of individual child observations
  • A good understanding of the senses and sensory integration
  • A good understanding of the three stage rhythm and the structure of the main lesson
  • An appreciation of the scope and depth of Rudolf Steiner’s key lecture series for teachers, ‘The Foundations of Human Experience,‘ and a familiarity with some of its key themes
  • A good understanding of the role of speech and drama
  • A deepening experience of the role of painting and drawing
  • Completed a whole years teaching practice in a Waldorf School.

Additional Modules

  • Working with learning differences
  • Child study
  • Differentiation for learning
  • Marking and assessment
  • Sex and relationship education
  • Authority and discipline in the class teacher years
  • The class as a social organism
  • Biography
  • Teacher as life-long learner
  • Mentoring and career pathways
  • Working with parents
  • Planning and assessment

These areas of learning and study are by no means meant to be exhaustive.  As is the case in the Steiner-Waldorf classroom, our intention is to ‘light fires.’