G/F 71-77 Smithfield, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Steiner Waldorf Teacher Training

In Hong Kong there is a need for Waldorf trained Teachers for the, currently, two Waldorf Schools. The aim of this training is to meet this need. To be equipped to enter the teaching profession as a  Waldorf teacher opens the door to over 1,600 Steiner Waldorf schools worldwide.

Teaching is an art, and our task as trainers is to help each student teacher to become aware of themselves as all round artists. The medium of the art for the teacher is the developing human being, therefore an understanding of the process of development of the child is essential.

This training comprises of a two year part-time course followed by a one year full-time practicum in a Waldorf school under mentorship.

Within the teacher training there is the Foundation Course in Anthroposophy. It is a two year part time course and a part of the Teacher Training course. It can be taken by those who are only interested, at this point, to gain a deeper understanding of Anthroposophy.