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Foundation in Anthroposophy

Foundation in Anthroposophy is an essential part of the Teacher Training, but may be taken as a separate self-development course.

It will take place every other Saturdays from the 9 am to 12:35 pm.

Anthroposophy, or Spiritual Science, was founded by Rudolf Steiner at the turn of the last century. It’s insights are the foundation of Waldorf Education, and it is not possible to become a Waldorf Teacher without a study and empathy for these ideas. In this part of the training, or in this course if taken alone, the basic ideas of Anthroposophy are studied and discussed over a two year period. Anthroposophy is not a religion. It’s substance can be accessed by clear thinking without belief, it requires only an open mind to think what may appear at first to be unusual.

The course will study the following topics from Steiner’s work:

Part 1: Body, soul and spirit, 3 fold man, 4 fold man, 9 fold man. Sleeping and waking. Cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Part 2: The understanding of cosmic evolution as a background to understanding child development and biography.

Part 3: Human biography and it’s phases and development.

Part 4: The Inner path, meditation and the life long learning of the creative individual.

Part 5: Foundations of Human Experience – the indepth study of the first educational lectures given by Rudolf Steiner to the founders of the first Waldorf School in 1919.

Part 6: Karma and Reincarnation.

To help internalise these topics written assignments will be given periodically.

Working with the artistic capacities of the individual are fundamental to the development of the individual. Following this first course of the morning will be artistic activities arranged in a series of blocks. These are considered to be a fundamental part of the process of studying Spiritual Science.